About the author

Thorsten von Overgaard is a multiple award-winning writer and photographer, specializing in portrait and street photography.

Previously working with Associated Press and Getty Images, Thorsten Overgaard is known for his worldwide workshops and his writings about photography. Some of his photos are available as signed editions via galleries, or online. 


Why I write books

My goal is to instill enthusiasm in any photographer and raise his or her skill level, self-confidence and production volume. And I do.

I write books to inspire
My purpose is to help people improve. I don’t like to get told, and I don’t like to get tested. So I found a way of writing to others that isn’t a test, and it isn’t an instruction. I write so it may inspire, and also leave the possibility open that you might figure out an improved way of doing it.

I write books to accomplish more
I can only do so much travel and so many workshops a year, so books are a way for me to try to reach more people. When I have left a city, there are still books as a reminder, or as something to expand the meeting we had.

I write books for wise people
I read books and magazines to get inspired, and to learn things. I don’t like books that go on over hundreds of pages to make one point. So I write the books I would want to read. If I can put a life’s experience about light so it all makes sense in 20 pages, I’ll do just that. I don’t sell words. On the other hand, if I can talk for 400 pages about something really cool and keep it lively, I’ll do just that.

I write books as small stories and chapters
I realized years ago that if I were to wait to write anything until I had it all figured out, it would likely never happen. So, I started writing small articles and chapters in broken English. One piece at a time to build the big puzzle, that’s how I write, and that’s how it should be read. If a chapter or article inspires you to go out and make photographs, that’s just perfect. The book can wait until you get back.

I write books to remember stuff
When I wonder about something, I study it and learn about it. Then I write it down. I’ve done it for so long that sometimes when I wonder how something works, I know I have it on my website, or in my own books. I often read myself to remember how to do something. That’s a good reminder of why I write. I write to build and preserve ideas and knowledge.

I write books to share
I say, “Don’t be an unpublished writer”, when I talk about making sure you share your photographs. They should go somewhere, and for people to look at them. And of course, I feel the same way with writings. I could keep my small secret notes, but I’d rather share them.

That’s why I write books ...

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Photography means "writing with light", so nothing is more fundamental than being able to recognize great light and know how to use it.

I wrote a simple book with lots of examples on how to make beautiful photos with available light.


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"The Moment of Emotional Impact in Photography"

I wrote a book about the iconic photographs through history, and the people who took them. I also write about how I photography, and why.


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